The primary focus area of SEGAMI is in health and wellness and that program is called the SEGAMI Healthcare Fund. The Healthcare Fund pays existing medical bills, prescription drug costs and the deductible for medical surgeries for our uninsured veterans. This program has been instrumental in the state of Georgia since 2010.

SEGAMI INC is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization
EIN# 14-1943031


To provide healthcare grants to uninsured veterans and their families.


To be the most efficient Healthcare Fund in the United States.

Core Belief:

All military families should have sufficient health insurance. If they experience any difficulties paying their medical expenses, then they can rely on our Healthcare Fund to assist them.


To assist five military families per month that can receive a maximum healthcare grant of $1,000.

Immediate Family:

The veteran, their spouse and their dependent children.

Grant Awardees:

Once for the entire veteran family.


The Founder and CEO of SEGAMI, Billy Brown started the Healthcare Fund to assist uninsured veterans and their family members in October 2010. "I have such a passion for our men and women who serve this country and I just had to find a way to thank them and this was the answer".

SEGAMI Board Members

Billy L. Brown, Sr.
P.O. Box 664
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Terrence Ferguson
CEO, Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital
202 GA Hwy 49 S #B
Byron, GA 31008

Mr. Columbus Alderman
Family & Community Partnership Manager, FVSU
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA 31030